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Health Problem

Are you concerned about your Planets and Diseases in Astrology? Does your birth chart show you having any illness? We have all the answers for your problems because we dive deep into the root causes of why you may not be experiencing the best of your health through the lens of Astrology.

Health Astrology plays a major role in diagnosing illnesses and diseases as there is a unique relationship between the houses, planets and the signs present. For example, one can expect a health problem when planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu etc are in the 6th house or 8th house, or when unfavorable planets reside in the signs like Virgo, Scorpio etc. Astrology has a big influence on health as certain planetary positions, transit movements along with the conjugation of certain planets may have a negative impact on your health. With our health horoscope, you will get a clear idea of what are the necessary changes that one can adapt to having a good physical health with the help of various medical astrology remedies.

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